Hacks for Anxiety & Depression with Lorraine Pursell, M.A.
Lorraine shares Hacks on HOW TO transform daily stress and anxiety into courage, resilience, and confidence.

It's very important to start appreciating yourself to overcome depression. God is not judging you.

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This little 4 minute alignment Meditation will bring you to peace really fast. Enjoy! -L

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Welcome to this month's FREE teleclass. I reveal the 1 skill guaranteed to boost your child's success in LIFE. If you instill this one skill, your child will go far. Listen in as I introduce my monthly membership program,
The Parent Relief SPA where I invite you to get the kids taken care of and RELAX with me as I pamper you with the info you need to be a savvy, proactive and prepared parent. Get ahead of the game and be a member.
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I talk directly to you, the amazing parent that you are, about several simple steps to "re-parent yourself."
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Don't lose everything you worked so hard for last year by letting your child's brain waste away in the summer! Get your child in mental shape for this school year and exponentially increase their confidence. I've used this technique for hundreds of kids over the last 14 years, but even though it's a common technique, the secret weapons I use make it FUN!
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We discuss details about letting go of your child and how to make it a successful transition for you both.
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Join us as we talk about staying close to your child.
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In this 30-minute teleclass, you'll find the 3 Secrets that would cost you up to $1,000 to learn with a counselor. So take notes! These Pro-Secrets are the Keys to unlocking your discipline challenges. Listen and thrive.
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Why do you need to struggle over HOMEWORK??? Don't you wish you cold just ENJOY  your child? Well, in this tele-class, Lorraine Pursell, board certified educational therapist and counselor, reveals why your kids procrastinate and gives you her 3 Pro-Secrets reserved only for her private clients- until now! Listen in and be lifted out of the homework doldrums for good.

Be an empowered parent in 'Your Greatest Job on Earth' for FR*EE at www.LorrainePursell.com.
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Learn the 3 Tried and True ways to inspire your child's greatness, create life-long loyalty and foster gratefullness for how you've raised him or her.

Discover the 3 most important keys that you may overlook or fall short of, even while doing your sincere best to raise your child. Lorraine compassionately takes you through why each key is important and gives tips on how to incorporate them today! If you like this podcast, go to www.TheClosenessYouCrave.com and see what she's got for you. Be empowered in Your Greatest Job On Earth with your f*r*e*e monthly Evolving Parent Empowerment 4-Pack at www.LorrainePursell.com.
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For new members and those curious about the perks in my year-long coaching program- make the most of your program!
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Oh, wow. What a great time with Bella Shing, Founder of Manifesting Your Beloved, and Beloved Training. These companies are devoted to helping women attract and prosper in their perfect relationships.

Bella and I talk about the Beloved relationship with yourself, your partner, and especially with your child. Bella's an amazing woman and I draw inspiration from her every time we talk. She's definitely an expert.

Find out how to make the best relationship EVER in this interview.

If you like this podcast, get it monthly in your own F-R-E-E Evolving Parent ezine at LorrainePursell.com- Empowering You in Your Greatest Job On Earth!
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Shannon McGinnis is my favorite organizer! She is one of the first in the nation to become a Certified Professional Organizer, just like Oprah's Peter Walsh. And Shannon's just published her first book, "The 10 Minute Tidy". Super cool. Shannon, as always is FULL of organizing tips for you and your children, just in time for the new school year. Thanks, Shannon- and great success to you with "The 10 Minute Tidy".

If you like this podcast, then sign up for my free monthly Ezine, the Evolving Parent at www.LorrainePursell.com. I'd love for you to be a part of my community!
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Victoria Johnson was the best Parent Mentor on earth for me. Today she tells us the way to teach our children to respect us and the world.
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Who do you turn to when you or your child needs counseling or just a good ear?  The alphabet soup after professionals' names is confusing. Mr. Bob Gallo, LCSW, Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, generously explains how to find the right help with the right professional. Bob reveals the right questions to ask when you interview counselors so that you don't waste your time or energy, and can get the help you need pronto! His key point is: Trust yourself and your inner voice and find who you are comfortable with. He also explains professional boundaries that I want you to be aware of. Thank you, Bob.

To be completely supported in your Greatest Job On Earth, go to www.LorrainePursell.com and sign up for your FREE Evolving Parent Ezine.

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I am so excited to share Elaine Keirnan, CFP, Investment Specialist and sought-after national speaker with you! What a dynamic lady with LOADS of money know-how! She's just the person to tell you about the importance money plays in raising responsible children. We really want our kids comfortable with managing this piece of their lives, and it's a big bunch of work to get the full message across to them. Elaine shortcuts us through easily made mistakes and propels us into confidence in teaching this portion of Our Greatest Job On Earth! Listen Now.

If you like this podcast, you'll love all Lorraine's Parent Support at www.LorrainePursell.com. Get her free Bi-Monthly Ezine, too!
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Allison Gilbert, LMFT is a veteran psychotherapist with a nurturing heart. Her work supports especially Moms, but is universal at
Find out more about pampering yourself so you can do your best with your family.

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Allison Gilbert, Founder of the ground breaking work at www.mothershaveneedstoo.com
is a veteran psychotherapist and MOM. Allison goes all out to soothe our aching shoulders as moms and dads. Listen and be relieved!

If you like this broadcast, then you'll LOVE the FREE Evolving Parent Ezine at www.lorrainepursell.com PACKED with parent advice!
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I'm sure you feel some pressure to spend more than you have. Giving time and energy is fine, but giving monetary things that aren't within our current means is a bad example for our kids and for the world. Most of it is garbage anyway that's forgotten in a few weeks while you're still paying your
credit card bill. Not cool. Let me support you with all the ways  you can be
reasonable and moderate this holiday season, yet giving with all your heart. I love you. This is my gift to you.

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TOPIC: "Cultivating Gratitude": Lorraine Pursell and Haydi Danielson, Director of Carden School of Santa Cruz.

It sneaks up on us. Suddenly we're grumpy, snappy and whiny. We lost our gratitude. Haydi Danielson, Director of Carden School of Santa Cruz, gently guides us back to our center that is warm and grateful. Gratitude is a trait that sustains us and our children if we cultivate it. It's especially important for our children as they grow into adulthood. Are we giving them what they need? Are we teaching them the skill of gratitude? Let's find out. get your mp.3 now.
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TOPIC: "Get Your Kids Ready to Launch": Lorraine Pursell and Ellen Gibran-Hesse, founder of Kids Out Now

Do you ever worry that your kids aren't ready for the real world? Are you wondering if you've sheltered them and now they may not be able to function when they leave the nest? This was one of my biggest concerns when Mark was a teen. Ellen had taken the lead by creating a way to get our kids ready to get out. Just what does it take to survive on the "outside" these days. Ellen's got the answers.

"Eating Disorders Nipped In the Bud": Lorraine Pursell, Dr. Darla Mabery & Dr. Peter knoblich

Eating Disorders are prevalent. This MD husband and wife team exclusively treats obesity and eating disorders of all varieties. They share the medical models that work for their patients and give us amazing insight into how we can raise our children to have healthy attitudes about food. This is part 2 of a series on eating disorders- helping you spot and get the right help for you and your child.

For all the parenting support you can use, go to www.LorrainePursell.com.

Eating Disorders can be a subtle and tricky condition. Often shrouded in secrecy, they are shameful and forbidden, and therefore elusive and frightening. This is part 1 of a 2-part series on the subject of eating disorders helping you spot and get the right help for yourself or your child. This week, eating disorder specialist Andrea Wachter, LMFT, author of Live It, Don't Diet (Gurze), works diligently in her Aptos, CA clinic helping people caught in this confusing disease be set free at last.

Next week, Drs. Mabery and Knoblich discuss medical methods that can work.
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TOPIC: "Teaching The 7 Habits at Home": Lorraine Pursell and Linda Nickerson, Founder of Empire Academy

Linda Nickerson is one of the most conscious educators I know. She runs a unique school where The 7 Habits are threaded into the daily curriculum. She shares these Habits and how to implement them in our families. Linda is a great guest and a natural teacher; she thoroughly explains every step. If you want your children to thrive and be happy, listen now.

Next podcast is Part 1 of a 2-part series: Finding the Right Counselor.
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TOPIC: "Getting Through To Your ADDer": Lorraine Pursell and Founder of ADD Solutions, Sharon Slayton

Do you want to get your favorite distractible person to realize there's more work to a project than first meets the eye (and get them started early vs. waiting till just before it's due)? Sharon lights the path for us on how to work with the ADD student and adult. She's armed with the good stuff to show you the way.

For all the parenting support you need for the Greatest Job On Earth, visit www.LorrainePursell.com.
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Lorraine Pursell and Dale Brown from Washington, DC, author of Job Hunting For the So-called Handicapped with Richard Nelson Bolles (What Color Is Your Parachute?), is an insider with LDonline and speaker on this subject. Lorraine gives ed therapy secrets. For free parent support, visit www.LorrainePursell.com.
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From Washington, D. C., my good friend Dale Brown enlightens us about how to get our kids moving this summer. Dale served on the President's Committee for Labor and authored  a book with Richard Nelson Bolles called Job Hunting For the So-Called Handicapped. www.Amazon.com  Dale enlightens us about ways to motivate our children to contribute and help out, which is good both for now and for their future.

This is the first of a 2-part series with Ms. Brown. Next week we'll discuss keeping their MINDS constructively active. www.LorrainePursell.com
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Wow-  we get to give to our daughters what we wanted and needed as girls and may or may not have gotten. The beauty of parenting is that we get to improve our race. It just gets better and better with each generation.

Rites of passage for our young ladies. Apparently this is very important. My special guest, Bernadine Rosso, Founder of Womanhood Inspirations www.womanhoodinspirations.com, tells us why rites of passage are a vital part of growing up and shares ways we can incorporate this into our family life for the well-being of all.

If you like this podcast, visit Lorraine's parent-support webite, www.LorrainePursell.com, full of goodies. You can get Lorraine's free weekly e-zine Parent Coach, full of parent tips, a feature article and the week's podcast announcement!

This incredible show with Sandi Lorenzana, author of Coming Home Series, Navy Dad, talks about military children whose parents who are away and how it effects them. Her touching insights give us a window into their world and enlighten civilians on how we can be to make their lives better. Ms. Lorenzana's book can be viewed at www.bratspress.com.

Juicy, juicy. We have babies and some of us decide to stay home with our kids. Yet, unless we make an effort to stay connected to our skills and careers or dreams, we can shrivel up in this environment- not good for our babies or us. Taiha Wagner is founder of Mom On the Go, a company and website www.momonthego.net devoted to moms wanting to have small businesses while raising their kids at home. We get into the components needed for happy moms being their best and not compromising their souls. It really is the formula to having it all! Very encouraging show.
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I'm privileged to have as my guest Mr. Lee Hoover serving up 20 years' experience with teens from classrooms, soccer fields and baseball diamonds. He's seen it all and comes to us with incredible insights into the world of the adolescent. He shares what we all need to know about kids' behavior, their messages and their desperate need for the things that only we can give them. This a powerful show you'll not want to miss.

Boy, is this ever a loaded topic! This fascinating show addresses our parenting issues and gives hot professional tips on how to work with your kids on this for their safety.

Is it just my imagination, or does it seem to you like kids have a harder time in school these days? We'll find out with Mr. Steven Corelis, M.Ed., E.T., educational therapist. He's taught all elementary grades and been principal for several years and knows the educational environment very well. If our children do struggle more now in school, what can we do to help them? Steve and I will have lots of answers for you.
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Gina Cavuoto, video producer, shares about her latest and greatest production, Kids In The Kitchen. It stars her very own son and his childhood buddy and they are in the studio with me- two of the funniest and cutest kids I've ever seen! We have a lot of fun as Gina gives us easy recipes that kids love to make, and explains all the goodies our children get while sometimes making a mess with us. This is a truly heartening show!

Steve Ashley is the founder of The Divorced Fathers Network, a national support and education group for divorced fathers that helps keep them involved in their children's lives, which is sorely needed for the health and well-being of our kids. So often, fathers struggle to stay involved for many reasons, and Steve talks to us about ways that this can be accomplished with co-parenting techniques and special ideas just for fathers to show their children their love and caring in unforgettable ways. Steve is joined by one of the Network's fathers, who heads the Santa Cruz, California Chapter as we discuss this most important topic on minimizing estrangement for our children's sake.
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What a fun show! Standing-Room-Only performer, Ben Rudnick from Boston area, talks about his career, finding inspiration and helping families. His East Coast SOLD-OUT concerts have earned him the influence of millions of folks world-wide through his music and CDs. This show will help us find our own and our children's inspiration and gifts to give to the world! Thanks, Ben, for taking time from your busy recording and touring itinerary to engage our own flames of creativity!
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Michael Johnson, founder of Diamond Dynamics, a company devoted to educating women on how men operate, is my guest in this sequel to last week's show about gaining men's respect in the workplace. This show, we talk about gaining respect from the males we LIVE with. which can be easy if we learn and practice what Michael has to say. Once we understand the male world, women gain what they really want- the respect of their men and the knowledge of how to be with them. Michael is a seasoned program developer and speaker and promises an engaging show.


How do we broach this subject? I interview 3 experts in the field: Dr. Amy Cooper, Sexologist; Dr. Tim Hartnett, Therapist; Melissa Fritchle, MA. They have TONS of expertise on this sometimes frightening subject for parents. They also describe how to raise our children with healthy attitudes toward our natural urges while instilling responsibility and self-respect simultaneously.
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Dr. Aimee Shunney, N. D., Naturopathic Doctor, specializes in de-stressing her stressed-out clients, particularly parents. Dr. Shunney evaluates the consequences of allowing life to get to us and just HOW it effects our bodies and our lives. Very informative show. She offers ways to calm ourselves in these very demanding times; this program is definitely good for our lifespan! Dr. Shunney HAS ANSWERS for us.
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An imperative topic for raising our daughters and sons. Plus, as we understand the differences between men and women, we set a good example for our children. Mike Johnson is President of Michael Johnson Sales Solutions and founder of Diamond Dynamics, a company devoted to helping women understand the rules men live by. We discuss managing our work relationships, marriages and personal interactions with Mike, a long-time  speaker and seasoned program developer. www.MJSalesSolutions.com

Laugh and learn! 10 minutes of easy-to-digest parenting tips and discussion between me and fellow hosts Rick O'Shea and Phil Marlow. Every Monday from 6:12 to 6:22 pm PST on KSCO 1080 AM reaching homes throughout Central California.
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Laugh and learn! 10 minutes of easy-to-digest parenting tips and discussion between me and fellow hosts Rick O'Shea and Phil Marlow. Every Monday from 6:12 to 6:22 pm PST on KSCO 1080 AM reaching homes throughout Central California.
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Laugh and learn! 10 minutes of easy-to-digest parenting tips and discussion between me and fellow hosts Rick O'Shea and Phil Marlow. Every Monday from 6:12 to 6:22 pm PST on KSCO 1080 AM reaching homes throughout Central California.
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Stop Negotiating With Your Teens!
We are privileged to have psychologist, Janet Edgette, Author and speaker from Philadelphia, talk on this important subject. She wrote the book Stop Negotiating with Your Teen and is a nationally recognized teen therapist. Her specialty is helping moody, angry and depressed kids.
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What Childless Adults Think About Our Kids! Segment 1: A panel of childless adults speak about children and parenting. Segment 2: Relationship Coach, Victoria Johnson, talks to us from her snow-laden office in Montana about avoiding common pitfalls and faux pas we parents inadvertently fall into. www.liferhythms.com
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Exclusive Interview with Frank McCourt "Exclusive interview with Frank McCourt," author of Angela's Ashes and Teacher Man, followed by "Engaging the Disengaged Student" with Les Forster, Principal, Cypress Charter High School, and Mary Gaukel, Principal, Delta Charter High School
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Raising a Child Peacefully with an Ex Barbara Carey, President, The Carey Formula and Rich Stachowski
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Building Character in Our Children Segment 1: Building Character in Our Children. We are privileged to have Haydi Danielson in our studio. She teaches character daily in her school, Carden Santa Cruz. How do we instill this gift in these modern times? Haydi has ALL the answers. Segment 2: Teen/Tween Panel Tell What They Really Want From Us! From the mouth of Babes we'll hear the full truth. It may be better than you think.
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It's really the best thing you can do for your children. "We used to be so in-love and physical, but where's the spark now that we have kids?" We learn how to keep it and get it back from 3 experts - Dr. Amy Cooper, sexologist in Santa Cruz ; Marcy Prohofski, intimacy coach in San Francisco; and Victoria Johnson , relationship coach in Montana. They have the answers for us.

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